Hiking the AT South: Days 0 – 10

Trail Name: Haiku

Day 0, July 8: Travel to Millinocket, Maine
Day 1, July 9: Katahdin, Hunt (AT) and Abol Trails, 10 miles, AT mile 5.2
Day 2, July 10: Stealth camp Rainbow Pond, 17.8 miles, AT mile 23
Day 3, July 11: Stealth camp Nahmakanta Lake, 17.8 miles, AT mile 40.8
Day 4, July 12: White House Landing nero, 4.9 miles, AT mile 45.7
Day 5, July 13: Stealth camp Crawford Pond, 17 miles, AT mile 62.7
Day 6, July 14: Carl Newhall lean-to, 15.9 miles, AT mile 78.6
Day 7, July 15: Stealth camp base 4th Mountain, 14 miles, AT mile 92.6
Day 8, July 16: Stealth camp Little Wilson Stream, 15 miles, AT mile 107.6
Day 9, July 17: Monson Lakeshore House, 6.9 miles, AT mile 114.5
Day 10, July 18: Monson, Zero, rest day

My actually mileage is longer than these individual days due to getting lost, walking NORTH!!!! once for a couple of miles, the partial walk into Monson trying to hitch a ride without success before calling the hostel shuttle.

I’ve read that people end up walking the AT in the wrong direction and my very first reaction was ” are you kidding??”, my next immediate reaction was “that could happen to me but won’t”. Well, those white blazes are not terribly close together at times (therefore easy to get off trail). In my case I stopped midday at a lean-to to rest. Got up and NO white blazes to be seen anywhere but lots of blue blaze trails (privy, water, viewpoints, whatever). I did not remember how I walked into the shelter and when I finally found a white blaze I threw up a cheer and bolted down the trail – in the wrong direction.  I only figured it out when I got to a stream and thought the boulders to cross it looked very familiar.

July 8
I close the locked door
A nervous finality
What am I doing?

I ask myself why?
After hours on the trail
Tranquility comes


July 9: Katahdin

Spirit Katahdin
Looming, watching your kingdom
Your masterful eye


July 10:

A hike with no views?
I don’t think they understand
Forest is a view


July 11:

Without you I’m lost
In your absence you are missed
White blaze keep me found


Smooth and silent lake
Relaxing peace on your shore
Your gift of one night


July 12:

White House Landing weed
So smooth so easy to smoke
Giggles all around


White House Landing: an off-the-grid primitive place to stay with real beds, great food, owned and run by a hard working couple.  Bill makes this boat run to pick up and drop off hikers all day long.  Bill grows his own pot and each guest gets a free joint.  I only took a hit of another solo older woman’s joint.  Smooth stuff, not too strong.

July 13

They like the morning
Toads jumping across the trail
Happy to see them


Come visit me Loon
You are as alone as I
Crawford Pond with us


Stealth Camp with Loons

July 14

Stealth tenting is best
Boys and trolls ooze at lean-tos
Quiet sleep in woods


July 15

My opera singer
Hermit Thrush you make me smile
Lovely aria

Song of Hermit Thrush


July 16

Long loud swish then thud
The sound of a falling tree
All too close to me


July 17-18

A refreshing lake
Hospitality so fine
Lakeshore House comfort


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