Prepare to Walk – Landaff & NYC

I don’t walk much.  I’d like to walk more; our California grocery store is less than 2 miles from our home and my only excuse is time.  I DO park as far away from store entrances as possible in the most undesirable spots not because I want to walk farther but because I want to protect my car – and that really doesn’t work because, no matter how far away I park, even in football field sized parking lots, 9 out of 10 times I return to find someone parked right next to me.  I mean, there are no cars around for 40-50 parking spaces but someone is immediately next to me.  I once asked a guy why he parked right next to me when there were dozens of spots all around in a nearly empty parking lot.  He told me he was trying to increase his “steps”; his weird grin only confounded me more.

I digress … so I have this huge walking adventure coming up and I don’t walk though I am relatively fit from cycling and swimming.  Today I made an effort.  I walked from our car guy’s shop in Lisbon, NH back to our home; 6.1 miles flat start and then mostly uphill at 3.5 mph; less than 2 hours.  My trail runner shoes felt good and I outpaced the black flies.  Tomorrow I’ll repeat the same route out of necessity (though with some logistical difficulty I could ride my bike, but walking is key now).

They say when you start walking the Appalachian Trail you should only walk 10 miles per day.  Granted I will not be walking 3.5 mph on the AT but still.  10 miles?   Per day?  Like so many who start the AT I’m sure I can do more …

For my records:
June 11, 6.1 miles, 3.5 mph, 750′ gain (dale’s auto home)
June 12, 6.1 miles, 2.5 mph, 750′ gain (dale’s auto home)
June 14, 6.0 miles, 3.3 mph, 814′ gain (gale chandler, cobble hill trail)
June 17, 9.2 miles, 3.4 mph, 895′ gain (woodsville home; feet are sore!)
June 20, 7 miles, ?mph, 1550′ gain (camden hills in the rain, got cold)
June 21/22, 8.5 miles, ?mph, (3 trips to/from Camden campground, Camden hills)
June 29, 6 miles Landaff
July 1, 9+ miles, (NYC, Central Park, 911 Memorial)

July 2, 13+ miles, (Lower Manhattan Esplanade)

July 3, 12 miles, (NYC, Central Park, Staten Island)

Bath Bridge

July 17,Bath Bridge from Rail Trail June 17

July 1, NYC Central Park


July 1, Bridges, NYC Central Park


July 1, The Dogs, NYC Central Park


July 1, 911 Memorial and Museum


July 2, Bridges, NYC East River Esplanade



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