La Pizza Napoletana

This video shows why Napolitana pizza is eaten with a fork and knife:

What happens when you pick up a genuine Neopolitan Pizza slice

Neapolitan dough has no sugar and no oil – they burn at high temps – only flour, water, salt and yeast.

First Pizze:

200 gr acqua
10 gr sale (2.5 tsp)
0.6 gr di lievito
340 gr farina: Caputo 00 Pizzeria

for 2 pizzas, 58% hydration

Put salt into the water and mix. Mix 30% flour into water. Crumbled yeast into the remaining flour and mixed well. Added remaining flour to the dough mixture. Kneaded the dough ball using the Richard Bertinet slap and fold method (the dough was more dense, less water, so it was more stretch and fold). Covered the bowl with plastic and rested for 4.5 hours @ about 68 degrees (house temp). Placed dough on floured surface and divided into two (should have formed large ball first ??). Formed into small balls tucking the edges underneath the ball while ball is between both hands. Pinch the seam on the bottom. Set balls in floured container and allow to rise for ??? hours.

Place dough on floured surface and press from near the center to the edges pushing the air and bubble to the rim leaving the center alone. The center should be 1/2 cm max thickness, the edge 1-2cm. See the video by Enzo Coccia to stretch the dough.

RESULT: this dough was overproofed and broke with holes at stretching. tossed one out.

Seconde Pizze:

method: water then disolve yeast into water, then 50% flour, mix by hand, then salt, then remainder of flour. knead. 5-6 hours rise in bowl. small balls for 18-19 hour rise.

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