Gnocchi (under construction!)

2 kilo potato, pressed into strands w potato press. Cold
1 egg
Put potato into pile of 00 flour
Cut and put on tray dusted with semolina flour


Ingredient (tuscan tradition? no eggs for lighter gnocchi):

  • Potatoes 2Kg/4,4 pounds
  • 00 flour 450g/0.97 pounds
  • Salt

Quantity of flour:
You will find that the dough is not exactly easy to handle, but if you use more flour, dumplings will taste of flour. Remember to boil potatoes with their skin, as suggested, and then try to work fast. The more you
wait, the more mashed potatoes will release starch and become gluey.

  1. Boil potatoes, without peeling them off, in abundant salted water
  2. Peel off potatoes while still hot and mash them into a bowl
  3. Add the flour and work with your hands to obtain a dough
  4. Move the dough on a pastry board; start taking one piece of dough
    at a time, create a big spaghetto, about 2cm/0.78 inches wide (help yourself
    with some more flour)
  5. Cut the spaghetto in pieces about 1,5cm/0.6 inches long, and again, roll each
    gnocco into flour

Now they are ready to be boiled, or frozen.

Freeze the gnocchi:

In order to freeze them, use a serving tray (mine is paper made), any serving tray or dish made in different materials than paper will cause them to attach to the dish while freezing, this is not good.
Place gnocchi over there on a layer of flour, without touching each other, and freeze this way. Once frozen, place them in a plastic bag and back in the freezer. One portion is about 200 g/0.44 pounds.


This is how we make gnocchi in Florence; in other parts of Italy egg is added to the dough. With eggs, the dough is easier to handle, but at the same time it tastes different and it is not so light; it’s also harder.

Cooking gnocchi:

Dive dumplings in abundant salted boiling water, as soon as they start floating they’re ready.

Cooking frozen gnocchi:

Use more water in a larger pot. You don’t want water to stop boiling when you add frozen dumplings. You also don’t want to place all of them into boiling water at the same time, for the same reason. Place some of them and continue adding, stop when you see that water is about to stop boiling. Wait for the water to boil strongly again and add more. In the meantime, remove the gnocchi that start floating, they are ready.

Sauces to complement the gnocchi:

Great with ragù. You can also use tomato sauce or any other sauce. I like asparagi (asparagus) for example. A wonderful vegetarian dish to make with gnocchi is to make a sauce of Gorgonzola cheese, white wine, some creme fraiche and ripe pear Gorgonzola Pear Cream Sauce Recipe.



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