Carol’s Blue Ribbon English Toffee

1 pound best available butter
2 cups sugar
1 (8 oz.) pkg. semi-sweet chocolate drops
½ cup slices almonds

Put butter and sugar in a large pot over medium heat. As butter melts, stir constantly. Continue to stir for 20 to 30 minutes as mixture goes through several stages to hard crack, about 300° on a candy thermometer. Test by dribbling a small amount from a spoon into cold water. It is done when the sample has a crunchy toffee texture. Remove from heat immediately and pour onto a cookie sheet. When toffee is cool, melt half of the chocolate chips gently in a pan, stirring constantly over low heat to prevent burning. Spread chocolate over one side of the toffee with a spatula. Use a wooden mallet to break the almond slices into small pieces and sprinkle half over the chocolate before it hardens. Pat almond slices so they adhere to the chocolate. After chocolate hardens, flip the toffee over and cover second side with chocolate and almond slices as above. When completed, break toffee into bite-size pieces.

Carol Morley’s recipe won the blue ribbon at the San Diego County fair two consecutive years.


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