Pasta Dough

85 g flour (about 1/2 cup)
1 egg (65 grams with shell)

makes 2 sheets approx. 5″x22″ rolled to #7

semolina flour for dusting

Pour flour shallow, wide bowl, shape into mound and scoop out deep hole in middle of flour, break egg into hollow, beat egg lightly with fork, draw some flour, with fork, over the eggs and mix until egg is no longer runny, continue to draw flour in with fork working mixture until granular mixture. Put out onto flat surface and knead to smooth, integrated texture, adding flour if necessary. Can let rest or work with immediately. (rest 10 minutes)

Cut dough into 2 equal parts and thin with pasta machine as follows (youtube video

light flour surface

put through at #0 twice, folding in half press in same direction.  For ravioli, keep the widest side along the roller to make sure the sheet will be wide enough for the ravioliera.

put through #1 6 times, folding each time working toward a rectangular piece

flour as needed, keep consistent speed on atlas

put through #2 – #7 2 times, not folding

lightly cover rolled out pasta with flour on each side so you can fold it up and cut into strips for spaghetti or fettucini

COOKING: Fettucini takes 2-3 minutes at boiling water (salt water for taste)

FOR SPAGHETTI: cut rolled out pasta in half length-wise for easier handling.  Cook for 1 minute for Cacio e Pepe.

FOR RAVIOLI: sprinkle semolina flour on ravioliera. heavily flour the pasta side that will go on the ravioliera so that the pasta won’t stick to it. place filling in cups making sure that the filling does not go above the cup height. place top pasta layer and use roller to divide the raviolis.

Make sure finished raviolis are put on heavily floured plate or they will stick!

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