A breakfast I liked while in England and now make here:

6 cups English/Irish style oats – Sprouts bulk
9 oz Raisins – Trader Joes
2.5 oz Shaved Coconut – Let’s Do coconut flakes, Jimbo’s/Whole Foods
5 oz Hazelnuts, Chopped – Trader Joes, roasted
2 oz Dried Apple – Trader Joes
Any other fruit/nut combo

1 1/2 recipe
9 cups English/Irish style oats (2 pounds)
16 oz Raisins
4 oz Shaved Coconut
7 oz Hazelnuts, Chopped
3 oz Dried Apple

I mix and eat this as cold cereal with rice milk. The fine Irish oats don’t require cooking and are a nice, mildly chewy consistency.


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