Walk in the Woods – aka Galehead Attempt – Feb 10, 2013

I think I will remember this hike long after the successful hikes with peaks bagged. I started out in negative temps – not sure how low but bracing for sure. My sister said it was -15F in Littleton. I parked in the un-plowed post nor’easter Beaver Brook Ski Trail parking lot and started out paralleling ski tracks made the day before (all for not because later snowshoe walkers tromped all over those ski tracks). The powder was not too deep at this point – maybe 6 inches max or so – but it was still a good warm-up.

I met up with the Gale River Rd and then on to the Gale River Trail. The snow deepened to a good 12+ inches in parts to where I felt like, even with snowshoes, I was post-holing. Not much to do about that. The snow was so light and fluffy.

Unfortunately I missed the re-route to bypass the river crossings and remained on the old trail. The crossings were iced over and easy. The story ends just after the second crossing because there was no trail that I could find. It seemed as though Irene might have washed it out? I did nervously continue along the river edge but soon broke through ice. That was enough to call it a day. I will revisit this summer.


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